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I am eternally grateful to Lisa Kimble for her commitment to me as I completed a course of hypnotherapy and I would like to share why.

I had pulled my hair out for over thirty years! This is called Trichotillomania and is an Obsessive Compulsive Disorder where a person feels compelled to pull their hair out. It is a mental and behaviour disorder and is often chronic and difficult to treat.

I understand the reasons behind why I started at the age of seven and although it did not matter to me about the beginning, I just needed to stop for good. It scared me that through many attempts I just found trying to stop a real struggle. They say a habit is hard to break! The thought of approaching forty years old and still pulling my hair filled me with dread, guilt and a deep sense of failure.

Every day I would be smiling on the outside but inside I felt trapped, lacked confidence and was so scared as I had patches of baldness as I moved around my head of hair pulling and worryingly nibbled, chewed and swallowed the hair, this is called Trichophagia and can be dangerous to the digestive system.

I needed to gain control of this as I was embarking on the beginning of my dream career and refused to let this monster of a habit spoil it for me. I needed confidence so I could show myself what I am capable of doing and to let this shine through to be successful and happy.

After many years of knowing Lisa and having different treatments for health benefits and relaxation, I confided in her regarding my condition and how I was now in desperate need of help. I was delighted when she told me what hypnotherapy actually was and gave me hope through this idea of treatment. She explained in detail how the brain works and how we need to empty the negative thoughts which bring on anxiety.

I am so grateful to Lisa for her kind, caring and professional manner as she took me through this journey and I felt so safe in her care not just within the sessions but throughout the weeks listening to her soft voice on the CD that I listened to every day and night.

Listening to Lisa’s calm and soothing voice whilst in a trance must have gone very deep within my subconscious mind as I responded to the therapy and could relate to changes within me by the second week.

Knowing I could put my complete trust in Lisa meant that during the sessions I was happy and free to talk openly as she helped me to be more focused to reflect on life, talking about my feelings, realising my aims in life and seeing the changes I wanted to make and acting on them. I only needed six sessions and I can honestly say with happy tears in my eyes that Lisa has completely stopped my hair pulling, no sneaky pulls as I used to call them when I was trying to stop before.

It was not a struggle this time and something, I cannot explain what, changed for me, within me. It is as if I never, ever pulled my hair. My past tells me I did as it was a big part of my life and at times, I am ashamed to say, part of what I enjoyed doing and did not want to stop. I look back at photographs of thin, short hair and feel a mix of shame, guilt for what I put my family through with worry, but also a feeling of immense joy of my achievement, as it is now seven months and I have very beautiful hair. I am very lucky!

My only wish from this experience is that other people are aware of how empowering the effect of hypnotherapy is and how clever by re-educating the unconscious mind can have miraculous results and make positive changes to your life.

I feel so humbly privileged to know Lisa and to have been given the opportunity to have hypnotherapy from such a friendly professional who has helped me to overcome and achieve so much in such a short time.

Thank you Lisa!

M.H Brixham

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